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Volker's Cookie Cutter - Trap Bed Cutter


Volker's Cookie Cutter Trap Bed - TrapShed Supply Co.

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Volker's Cookie Cutter - Trap Bed Cutter

Volker's Cookie Cutter is designed to make the perfect trap bed quickly and easily. You can push the cookie cutter into very soft ground or hammer it into harder ground. When hammering in, pound on the ends of the frame, not on the rebar handles. When the cutter has been seated, remove it by pulling up on the rebar handles and you will have the perfect print of just what dirt to remove for your trap bed. Removing just the right amount of dirt assists in firm bedding and reduces the amount of freeze proof dirt you need at your set which saves both time and money. The Volker's Cookie Cutter is available in 5 sizes, please specify your desired size when ordering as each is different.


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