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Trap Jaw Lamination Kits - TrapShed Supply Co.

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Trap Jaw Lamination Kits

These kits are used to widen jaws, reduce foot injury, and keep ferocious animals from dislodging the jaws from the frame. Each kit contains 24 rods which is enough to do one dozen traps. Just clamp and weld. Selection proper lamination kit for trap style being modified. 

LK-1 Lamination Kit -  (3¾”) formed for
 #1½,  #1.75  & #2 Victor coils,
#1½, 1¾,  and #2 Duke coils,
#2 Montgomery round jaw,
#1½ and 1¾ Sleepy Creek coils,
#1½ and 1¾ round jaw Northwoods coils.

LK-2 Lamination Kit - (3½”) formed for
#1½   Montgomery round jaw coils,
#1.65 round jaw Bridger coils.

LK-3 Lamination Kit - Formed for
Bridger #1.75 coils.

LK-4 Lamination Kit - (3”) straight rod for
#1½ and 1¾ square jaw coils.

LK-5 Lamination Kit - (5”) formed for
MB-650, Victor and Duke #3 round jaw coils.

LK-6 Lamination Kit - (3½ ”) straight rod for
#2 square jaw coils.

LK-7 Lamination Kit - (4”) straight rod for
#3  and #4 square jaw coils.

LK-9 Lamination Kit - (7”) formed for
MB-750 and #5 Bridger coils and longs.

LK-11 Lamination Kit - (4½”) formed for
#2 sq. jaw Northwoods and Bridger.

LK-12 Lamination Kit - (5”) formed  for
#3  sq.  jaw NW & Bridger coils.

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