Predator Lure Bundle - 1oz.

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Predator Lure Bundle - TrapShed Supply Co.

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Predator Lure Bundle

Includes one of each of the following:

Purple Haze - 1oz.

We start with a base of our well-aged fox gland and to this we add mink musk and castor, along with a few additional curiosity ingredients. An underlying musky, sweetness comes from a rare musk that only a handful of lure makers are known to use. We extend it's calling power by hitting it with a healthy dose of skunk. What we end up with is a top-shelf gland/call lure that entices a predator's curiosity and peaks territorial instincts. From opening day through breeding season do not be without some Purple Haze in your bag.

Canine Cutter - 1oz.

Canine Cutter is a bold and aggressive predator all call lure. Canine Cutter begins with an unlikely blend of gland material. Additional food and curiosity ingredients are added along with a dose of skunk on par with many long distance call lures. This all-in-one predator lure checks the boxes for being both a gland lure and a food/curiosity lure with long distance calling properties. Best used down a dirt hole with bait or at a flat set with larger backing. Deadly combination with Purple Haze.

K9 Curiosity - 1oz.

K9 Curiosity is a blend of mink gland, beaver castor, and rare musks and oils that create a curiosity attractant for coyotes and fox. A trace amount of skunk is added to provide additional lift and added curiosity. Great at flat sets with a larger backing and down a dirt hole. Equally productive at a post set. A top choice for bobcats as well. 


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