NO-BS Wolf Extreme Trap

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NO-BS Wolf Extreme Trap - TrapShed Supply Co.

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NO-BS Wolf Extreme Trap

The NO-BS Wolf Extreme Trap features a 8" X 8.5" jaw spread, 1/4" main frame, 1/4" cross frame, along with bolted in jaws and levers. The jaws and levers are heat treated for strength. 

The NO-BS Wolf Extreme Trap is powered by four TS-85 springs and has 1/4" jaws with a 3/8" offset and 1/4" round outside laminations.  The trap pan sets 1/4" below the jaw surface for perfect paw placement.  The D-Ring is welded, not just spot welded.  

The NO-BS Wolf Extreme Trap comes already coated.  The coating is a durable, water based black dip that is heated and cured on.

This trap does not come with chain.

Made in USA by Kendall Obermier.

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