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Liquid LDC
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Liquid LDC Lure

Liquid LDC is a loud, long-distance call lure put up in liquid form. Yes there is skunk, but it's not overpowering and it carries a number of other known predator calling attractants. Continues to work as the temperature dips below zero. Inspired by a 100 year-old formula passed down through multiple generations of lure makers. 


Directions for use:

As with any louder lure, it should be used on a larger backing such as a wood chunk (charred or un-charred) log, or vertical broom-handle or wrist-sized 12 inch post. I know some high-volume trappers that literally dip a grass blade, so they’re using only drops at a set. Others use 2-3 capfuls, especially when temperatures are 20 below. I’m a little more conservative, but still apply about 1 capful dribble or dip a stick a couple times. It can also be dribbled down a dirthole on wool or grass wad, etc. When setting more open features, with any loud, skunky lures or baits, I always advise using a larger backing (football or larger) to prevent rolling.  

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