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Key-Wick® Scent Dispensers

Wildlife Research

Key-Wick® Scent Dispensers

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Key-Wick® Scent Dispensers

The Key-Wick® scent dispenser is an easy way to disperse your liquid-based lure, cover scent, or repellent in the field. The unique design dips into a liquid scent lure or repellent and hangs from convenient branches or twigs in your chosen location. The highly absorbent synthetic felt disperses the scent without changing the odor and slowly releases the powerful scent into the air. The Key-Wick® scent dispensers comes in a four pack zip-lock bag.

Very effective when used with any of our Urine products as a scent dispersal holder for small game, rodent, and general critter repellent as well as being used for covering human scent while hunting. 

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