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Hagz® Beaver Drowning Rod Kit

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Hagz Beaver Drowning Rod Kit - TrapShed Supply Co.

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HAGz® Beaver Drowning Rod Kit

This kit includes (1) each of the HAGz® Universal Lock and HAGz® Beaver Rod Ends to be added to your ½” fiberglass rod (not provided) in order to make drowning rods.

The drowning lock is designed to slide over the top end, creating a tool-less trap connection to the rod, making setting super-fast while providing versatility to switch from rods to wire, etc. as the lock is always attached to your trap.

The value in this design is that you can now attach your HAGz® Universal Lock directly to your trap chain and leave it attached as the drowning lock will slide over the HAGz® Beaver Rod Ends attached to your fiberglass or smooth rod, creating a simpler means for transport/carry and hookup at your set location. 

Made in the USA. 

To complete the drowning setup, you will need a ½” fiberglass rod, 3/8” T-bar stake, J-hook or quick link and your favorite trap.

HAGz® Universal Lock

HAGz® Beaver Rod Ends


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