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Dog Proof Clean Out Tool

Freedom Brand

Dog Proof Clean Out Tool - TrapShed Supply Co.

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Dog Proof Clean Out Tool

The Dog Proof Clean Out Tool is excellent for cleaning up your dog proof coon traps and getting them back into top notch working order.  During season and especially after the season is over DP traps can become very hard to clean up, particularly after they’ve sat around for awhile without being used.  They often have caked in bait in the cylinder that is difficult to remove and hardened mud, etc. in and around the spring and trigger system area on the exterior of the trap.  Cleaning the interior and exterior of DP traps to get them ready to be used again can be quite a chore.

The DP Clean Out Tool has been specially designed to get the clean up job done quickly and easily.  The clean out head has grinding teeth that make cleaning out the interior of the trap easy.  Simply rotating the DP Clean Out Tool while applying downward pressure removes the caked in bait in the cylinder of the trap.  The clean out head also has a cutting slot that helps in the cleaning process and allows the clean out tool to pass by the standard, straight DP trigger to clean out the interior of a DP trap below the trigger.

The DP Clean Out Tool also has a sharp, pointed end on one of the handles to clean the spring/trigger system area on the exterior of DP traps.

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