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Dakotaline Survival Snare Package


Dakotaline Survival Snare Package - TrapShed Supply Co.

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Dakotaline Survival Snare Package

Small and light enough to fit in a day pack for a hiking trip. It's better to be prepared and not need them than need them and not be prepared. The Dakotaline Survival Snare Package contains 12 snares total.

Survival Snare Package includes:

4 Dakotaline Rabbit & Squirrel Snares

4 Dakotaline Versatile Snares for Raccoon, Beaver, Coyote, etc.

4 Dakotaline Large Animal Sized Snares

Dakotaline Snares have been tested over thousands of trapline miles. Each snare is test fired to insure quality. All Dakotaline Snares are loaded for speed. No backing out.

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