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Dakotaline Bobcat Snare


Dakotline Bobcat Snare - Dozen - TrapShed Supply Co,
Dakotaline Bobcat Snare - Single - TrapShed Supply Co.
Product image 1Dakotline Bobcat Snare - Dozen - TrapShed Supply Co,
Product image 2Dakotaline Bobcat Snare - Single - TrapShed Supply Co.

Regular price $28.95

Dakotaline Bobcat Snare

The Dakotaline Bobcat Snare is made with 60" of premium 1/16" 7x7 cable and features the Blackdog LoPro Lock, poly support collar and 9 gauge end swivel. Small floating deer lock is included. Sold per dozen. 

Choose from Standard or Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider snares are cleaned, dyed, and blend in to minimize refusals.

Dakotaline Snares have been tested over thousands of trapline miles. Each snare is test fired to insure quality. All Dakotaline Snares are loaded for speed. No backing out.

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