1/16" - 1x19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable

TrapShed Supply Co.

1/16" - 1x19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable

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1/16" 1x19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable

1/16"- 1x19 High Grade Korean Cable - 1,000 foot roll

What is the difference between 7X7 and 1X19 cable?

7X7 means that there are 7 strands in the middle and 7 surround it. This is by far the most popular cable used in snaring. Trappers use if for snaring, earth anchors, drowners, and extensions. Flexible.

1X19 is one strand of cable wrapped with 19 more strands. This cable is much stiffer and is mainly used for dispatch snares. This cable is common in open countries where wind can cause your snare to move or adjust. Slightly more durable

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