Gland Lure Bundle

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Gland Lure Bundle - TrapShed Supply Co.

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Gland Lure Bundle

Includes one of each of the following:

Red Fox Gland #1 - 1oz.

A blend of well-aged and heavy red fox gland put up in a thick paste with a rare musk and known canine passion ingredients. A great all-purpose lure. Equally effective at a flat set or with bait at a dirthole. A favorite for the scent post. Smashes the coyotes and fox all season long. This is a top-shelf gland lure. 

Bobcat Gland #1 - 1oz.

Cat glands done right. Thick, creamy top-dollar bob glands that are extra catty in a smearable paste. Just the right amount of cat-attracting oils and a touch of skunk to reach out and drive the felines crazy. Killer on coyote and fox as well.

Coyote Gland #1 - 1oz.

A blend of aged and fresh coyote glands put up in a thick paste and mixed with a small amount of fresh urine and known canine passion ingredients. Equally effective at a flat set or with bait at a dirthole. Excellent at a scent post. When coyotes are your target and it’s breeding time, look no further. 

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