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Extreme Skinning Apron

TrapShed Supply Co.

Extreme Skinning Apron

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Extreme Skinning Apron

The Extreme Skinning Apron is the most heavy duty apron on the market. Its .045 thickness makes it extremely durable. This apron will withstand the everyday use in your businesses or shops. It's already in use across the U.S.A. in many industries such as processing plants, meat markets, factories, fur sheds and many others.

Trappers love this apron as it does not get brittle when working with animal fat and coon grease. It is easily cleaned with soap and water and doesn't absorb odors from the fur shop. Some have been purchased just for washing the cars or trucks as it is also waterproof. This apron is grease and oil resistant and won't get hard and brittle from prolonged use like most other aprons on the market. This will be the last apron you will ever need to buy as they are made to last. It is a great apron at a great price and you won't regret your purchase once you have tried. 

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